Killer Fog?.. or is it just another nail in your coffin?

Scientist find the dangerous neurotoxin mercury in our central coast fog! Should you be concerned?

Mercury and other heavy metals neurotoxins, what’s the problem?

Last Friday’s front page of the Santa Cruz Sentinel featured and article called “Ocean fog carries mercury, a neurotoxin, to land, science reveals”.

As a team of four scientist funded by the NationalScience Foundation, gathered from the likes of a UCSC, toxicologist Peter Weiss-Penzias, and other scientistsfrom Moss Landing Marine Lab and Cal State Monterey Bay confirmed.

The article speaks of a 6-10 times higher mercury level found in our coastal mountain lions and a two timeshigher level found in the coastal deer as well as elevated levels in local lichens. Remember that 10 X higher, actually means 1000%!

The article lightly continues, “don’t eat the spiders and don’t eat the mountain lions”. It also warns not to eatlarger species of fish more than twice a week, due to a higher mercury concentration which accumulation up the food chain.

What the article did not mention, is the fact that most ofus already have elevated mercury levels, often above the ‘deemed’ safe level. Most of us have had one, if not more mercury fillings put in our mouth, and then, if replaced, not removed by a qualified biological dentist. So perhaps some of us need to take a more proactive look to this subject.

If you haven’t seen this video on mercury fillings giving off gases, I highly recommend checking it out.

It is kind of scary, especially since the powers that be are not taking responsibility to inform the public about this health problem.

Mercury is now considered a class 3 toxin. This means that the government must regulate the disposal of it. Even your dentist must dispose of mercury through a highly monitored and regulated hazmat regulatory agency.

The link below contains more information regarding the dangers of mercury poisoning, including commonsymptoms.


First of all, understand that Heavy Metals such as MERCURY, LEAD and ALUMINUM wreak havoc on your body. These metal shave a tendency to accumulate in your liver, kidney, brain, other organs as well as your connective tissues. Heavy metals tend to hide in the deeper pockets around your teeth, as well as other nooks and crannies.They accumulate over a lifetime and become a breeding ground for parasites, bacteria, viruses and molds. The fact is, some of your worst exposure comes from your mother. Lead and Mercury pass through the placenta as the baby develops. It can take four generations for the body to detoxify from these toxins, providing you are not constantly exposed to more, adding to the pot.

I am currently working with some of the world’s leaders in Heavy Metal and Cellular Detoxification. The Health Centers of the Future, headed up by Dr. Daniel Pompa and many other cutting edge scientist, have made amazing breakthroughs in pulling heavy metals out of your body thus allowing chronic inflammation to reduce so that the body can heal. Our detox patients are getting fantastic results utilizing our programs.

Brain fog issues as well as emotional issues can be complicated by heavy metal accumulation in the brain. There are also amyriad of other chemical toxins that must be first recognized and then removed from your body to ensure optimum healing and health.

Glyphosate, aka Round Up is a major player in the chronic poisoning and inflammation of our body. These toxins are creating inflammation at the cellular level, which stops your cells from functioning, and then stops your body from functioning. Chronic disease is the direct result of unchecked cellular inflammation.

Solution: Fix the cell to get well. This is our battle cry. We can help!

If you are interested in finding out more about what we can do to help you or those you love, please feel free to contact our office. Ask Maria to email you or snail mail you our Neurotoxic Questionnaire, I would be happy to review the results with you at no cost.

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