When Barbie found her way into our office, it was very apparent that she needed help.

Cellular inflammation struck again. Her diet consisted of too much gluten from GMO grain sprayed with glyphosate (round up),rancid trans fatty acids from margarine, Crisco and otherpoly unsaturated oils. Toxins like lead, mercury and synthetic estrogens inflaming her liver and kidneys. Probably had her gall bladder out at 40 because of a gall stone (could have been saved) now without an appropriate amount of bile available to digest fat in her intestines which supplies the natural antibiotic environment in her intestines, she’s developed gastritis leading into colitis and leaky gut syndrome. The inflamed intestines (gastritis) has offset the natural feel good receptors in her gut (70%) of the serotonin receptors are in her gut, causing her to be depressed so she is on a cocktail of three psychotropic poisons changing her personality and dulling her perception.

The leaky gut is allowing large bacteria, food particles, parasites and molds to cross the now damages intestinal wall into her bloodstream. These opportunistic pathogens are being housed in the comfortable logging the heavy metals have created. These pestsalong with the glyphosate and other pesticides and herbicides she consumes with her Honey Nut Cheerios every morning have mutated the hundred trillion friendly bacteria in her intestines allowing monster bacteria to consume her food and poop out more toxins for her body to deal with. The result has created a very toxic pH in her body.

Now because of her severe fatigue, chronic systemic joint pain,anxiety, continued depression, bloating and headaches, she has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia coupled with chronic fatigue syndrome and bipolar. Her doctor prescribed OxyContin and Wellbutrin to help the naproxen, Zanex and Prozac cover up her symptoms and dull her senses even more. She doesn’t pay September 15attention to the Black Box Warning on the pill boxes and enjoys her bottle of fine wine every night anyway.

Ken sleeps in the other room because of her snoring. despite the Darth Vader breathing machine she straps on every night. Now Barbie spend most of her time watching Soaps living through the eyes of a TV wonderland. Ken and her don’t seem to communicate much anymore, and he is spending more time at the office. She calls her psychiatrist office repeatedly but seems to only get the answering machine. Her medical doctor has ordered a brain scan, and full physical because of her irrational behavior coupled with her odd blood work. Did I mention that she has to take Prilosec 3 times a day because of her bleeding ulcers?

WAIT there is hope and help. FIX THE CELL TO GET WELL. And amazing discovery has been made, the body knows how to heal itself. Barbie finds Dr McCollum on line and attends his TrueCellular Healing Workshop on line and starts to feel better. Her energy is up, she stops eating gluten, throwing out the Cheerios,starts eating health oils like organic grass feed butter, MCT oil,cuts grains out altogether, discovers bone broth, intermittent fasting, loses 40 pounds and 4 dress sizes, starts using essential oils Dr. McCollum’s wife teaches about, gets into the true cellular healing Body Phase which reverses her joint aches and chronic fatigue. Next, she starts exercising and as she finishes the fabled Brain Phase of the true cellular detox cleanse Dr. McCollum provided, is back to her high school wright of 99pounds 8 feet 4 inches tall with a size 52 bust. Since her thyroidgland started working again, her hair stopped falling out and she no longer need to wear her Marilyn Monroe wig.

September 15Ken has been inspired and started cross fit hoping that his “newhot wife” would notice him. Soon Barbie and Ken are the talk of the town and host a large fund raiser for charity. Barbie is on top of her game, admired by many. Humbled by her life changing event she volunteers at Dr. McCollum’s office to help others get off the poisonous and toxic foods and drugs plaguing our society.Barbie is happy and fits into all of the outfits in her closet and looks like a million bucks, a happy ending!

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