Not every toxin is created equal and many ask which toxins are the worst.


Glyphosate is an example of one toxin that has been introduced in the mid 70’s as a herbicide/pesticide that is now ubiquitous in our soil and food supply. It is the active ingredient in the product Round-up, the #1 used pesticide in the world. It is being sprayed on almost all conventional grains to increase harvest and yield. The amount used on genetically modified organisms (GMOs), products that are modified to withstand more of the chemical and not die, can be ten times that of normal crops. Unless you are eating 100% organic your intake of this chemical is massive. This is no average toxin when you look at new studies on its damaging effects on the human gut and brain. Most countries have banned this horrific toxin except right here in America though recently the state of California has added it to its list of chemicals known to cause cancer and might demand warnings saying so.

Heavy Metals

We have grown up in what is called the “lead generation.” From gasoline to paint, it was everywhere, and it’s said it will take four generations to be bred out of our bodies and environment, providing we reduce continued exposure. The number one exposure of lead is actually our mothers in utero. As far as mercury exposures, amalgam tooth fillings have been used for more than 150 years, and contain 50% mercury that vaporizes directly into the brain. Those in middle age now got hit the hardest, with the increases in vaccinations and more amalgam fillings than any other generation. This qualifies many of us as the “mercury generation,” and the opportunity to pass it on to our children for at least four generations. Most practitioners today agree that heavy metals are at the root of many illnesses, but, sadly, very few understand how to truly and safely remove it from the body.


But it doesn’t stop with heavy metals. Biotoxins from mold are arguably more toxic. Today, mold is an even greater problem because of new construction methods that can feed its growth. Toxic mold is evil and nasty, and ruins many lives. Mold privy practitioners all around the world utilize the VCS test provided with our program to identify mold illness. Biotoxic illness driven by mold can cause many un-explainable symptoms such as sudden weight gain, weight loss resistance, anxiety, sleep problems, morning stiffness and pain, and a range of hormone related problems.

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