If you have tried to solve a chronic condition but no matter what you do, it continues to affect your ability to live a normal life, you may be a candidate for Dr. McCollum’s Cellular Detox Program.

Our bodies are bombarded today with more environmental and food toxins then every before. Toxicity in the body can create a chemical imbalance in the body creating an illness as well as preventing healing.

Dr. Pompa | True Cellular Detox: A Road Map to Fixing the Cell

To help you find out how toxic you are by determining your Toxicity Score, download our multi-page Toxicity Questionnaire below. It covers all types of toxins you may have been exposed to during your life.

Call or email us to schedule a Free Consultation to go over your questionnaire results and ask about our in-house cellular inflammation and optic nerve test to determine how toxins are really affecting your body.

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