Dr. Duncan McCollum’s Cellular Detoxification Program improves cellular function so that your body is able to detox and heal itself. It achieves this by fixing chemical interference which can cause barriers between your brain and the rest of your body and affect your body’s detox “pathways” as well as how your cells function, communicate and detox.

The Health Centers of the Future, headed up by Dr. Daniel Pompa and many other cutting edge scientists, have made amazing breakthroughs in pulling heavy metals and other neurotoxins out of your body, thus allowing chronic inflammation to reduce so that the body can heal. Our detox patients are getting fantastic results through the Cellular Detox program.

The Cellular Detox

Helping body to clean and heal itself

What is Cellular Detox?

Cellular Detox works by improving cellular function so the body is able to detox and heal itself.

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The Cellular Detox Program

Our program incorporates 5 steps to repair the natural detox pathways of the cell upstream.

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The Cellular Detox Benefits

Reducing the toxicity at the cellular level has had multiple positive effects on our patients.

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Who is a Candidate?

Find out if you might be a candidate for Dr. McCollum’s Cellular Detox Program.

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Our Success Stories

In Our Patient’s Words

Carol’s Cellular Detox Success Story

The 3 Most Dangerous Toxins

Not every toxin is created equal

There is a growing number of Americans who are suffering from neurotoxins that affect our brain, hormones, and ultimately our cells. No matter how clean of a lifestyle we lead, toxins bombard us from all angles including our air, water, foods, body care products, clothing and even store receipts. The most dangerous toxins attacking your body today are Glyphosate, Mold and Heavy Metals.

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