Meet the Doctor

Dr. Duncan McCollum is a licensed Chiropractor serving the Santa Cruz community since 1989. He constantly strives to improve and update his knowledge in the field of chiropractic, and has completed extensive study at Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. McCollum is a sought after speaker and has been teaching workshops for several years.

Active in promoting chiropractic, Dr. McCollum has studied extensively in the field of personal injury. He treats the spine and disc injuries, and can help you permanently get rid of migraines and sciatica pain. Whiplash and back injuries resulting from auto accidents are unique in that all too often, patients consult with us for these conditions only after they have been improperly treated or totally neglected for years.

Dr. McCollum and his staff practice the traditional philosophy of Chiropractic which is subluxation and structural correction of the spine. Simply put, a subluxation is a misaligned vertebrae which interferes with nerve impulses. Nerve impulse is the electrical impulse from the brain that regulates all function of the body and keeps us alive. Although the traditional Chiropractor wants his patients to "feel better", Dr. McCollum's primary focus is removing nerve interference (subluxation) and restructuring the spine to its most stable biomechanical position. This is done through a rehabilitation program of adjustments and spinal exercise. The length of correction and frequency of adjustment is determined by the severity of the patient's subluxations and structural alignment. Symptoms may be gone long before the spine is at its maximum corrected position so adjustment schedules are kept intense to allow structural correction in the shortest amount of time. The patient is then closely monitored by postural patterns, X-rays, and spinal readings until the subluxations are corrected and the spine is in its proper alignment. By reviewing these before and after studies with the doctor, the patient actually sees the results.

Dr. McCollum's Own Success Story

At age ten, while watching a Cal-Stanford football game on the Berkeley Campus, I fell thirty feet from a pine tree when the branch broke. I landed in a seated position crushing my back. Since my parents were very involved in the local hospital and had many medical doctors as friends, this was where they sought help. The general consensus at the time was that I had a "sprained back" and would feel better in a few weeks. No x-rays were taken and I was sent home with a prescription for painkillers and muscle relaxers. My parents, not knowing what to do, continued to give me the prescribed painkillers and muscle relaxers for the next ten years. It was awful that I couldn't play sports with the other kids. I would try, but then would suffer a "flare-up" and be forced to rest until it calmed down. I was in constant pain for the majority of my child-hood.

In 1975, while living in Santa Cruz, I was helping a friend move a piano, when I hurt my back so bad, I couldn't move at all. A friend of mine told me that a chiropractor could probably help. I refused to go and spent the next two weeks flat on my back. Finally, against my will, they threw me into the back of a pick-up truck and drove me to the chiropractor. He took x-rays and I couldn't believe it when he told me that my back actually broke when I fell from that tree as a child. I was really nervous when he was about to adjust me for the first time; and he even warned me it was going to hurt! After I jumped up from the intense shooting pain, for the first time in over a decade, I felt relief. I could get up and move! The chiropractic doctor was able to give me back something that no medical doctor ever could, and had not done for the past 11 years. Chiropractic gave me back my life.

Now, out of pain, I was able to slowly get myself off all the brain-numbing painkillers. I could finally live a normal life as a twenty-one year old without constant fear and pain. As I continued to receive treatments from my chiropractor and got better and better, that's when I decided to dedicate my life to the chiropractic profession and go to school to become a chiropractor. I vowed to help others have a happier, healthier life. Now at McCollum Family Chiropractic we treat wide variety of illnesses from scoliosis to colic pain, and our traditional, gentle chiropractic methods are very effective for weight loss and against mood swings.

It's Your Life... Live It in Health!